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United Artists’ Association

United Artists’ Association

United Artists’ Association (UAA) believes in community empowerment and provides support and strengthens to people’s organisations, NGOs and CBOs in its area of operation. UAA was established by a group of like minded youth to help the people affected by natural calamities, protect environment and to further efforts in starting educational institutions. Since then it has been working with downtrodden sections of society with focus on women and children.

Up to the year 1977 UAA worked exclusively with its own funds.  In 1978, the first government funded Balwadi and Crèche programme was taken up. To achieve the set objectives various programmes were taken up which includes community organisation, education, health and sanitation, protection of environment, training, social forestry, disaster preparedness, livelihood and application of appropriate technology.  UAA has adopted a ‘bottom-up’ strategy to ensure the involvement of the community in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of its programme.


Establishing a non-exploitative, gender and human rights sensitive, environment friendly, hunger free and self-reliant healthy society in Orissa.

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