Orissa Marine Resources Conservation Consortium | Orissa Marine Turtle Fisheries


Amidst various efforts to protect Orissa’s threatened marine resources, there existed one void in Orissa’s conservation plan: the absence of a common platform where stakeholders could debate and develop appropriate conservation solutions together. To remedy this deficiency, in 2004 an informal body came together calling itself the Orissa Marine Resources Conservation Consortium (OMRCC). Its members include fishworkers’ unions of Orissa, conservation organisations, development NGOs, turtle biologists, and individuals interested in sea turtle conservation measures and/or sustainable fisheries in Orissa. It is one of the few initiatives for collaborative marine conservation action in India where the stakeholders mentioned above are attempting to working together to develop and execute socially and environmentally appropriate conservation initiatives.

As a collective, the OMRCC boasts of various resources, skills, and expertise among a multitude of other diverse strengths. In recognition of the diversity of its members and their independent positions on conservation, the OMRCC aims to ensure that marine conservation action in Orissa is a coordinated, consensual and cooperative effort.